Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Eighty Years

     Eighty years to the day.
     April 30, 1939, Henry Louis Gehrig ended his incredible record of 2,130 consecutive games played. 13 complete seasons, and then some.
     Monumentally eclipsing the former record by over 800 games, which was set by Everett Scott and ended on May 5, 1925. Less than a month later, on June 1st, Gehrig replaced Yankee first sacker Wally Pipp, and began his streak.
     We now know how debilitating the disease was that ended his streak, his career and ultimately his life. We all remember the infamous 'ice bucket challenge' that was the rage a few years back. We remember those who have also suffered from the heinous disease, famous or not.
     But eighty years ago today we were still innocent, still hopeful, still naive.

     Eighty years have now passed and we should still remember "The Iron Horse" and what he did, and the dignity that he carried with him to his end.

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