List of sources

While writing this blog, I do use a variety of sources, which I never really annotate like I probably should. So instead, I will list those here.

For hard line statistics, I rely on these websites:

I also use the Sporting News Baseball Guides for whichever years they are available to me. I have the following at my fingertips:
1944-48, 1950-52, 1954-55, 1959-2006.
And I use Baseball America's Almanac, published yearly. I have these from 1988 through this current year.

I rely on those Sporting News Guides to help clarify some of the narratives that I include, along with some anecdotal stuff that you pick up from time to time.

I also reference the following as well:

“STATS Inc. All-Time Major League Handbook”, by Bill James, John Dewan, Neil Munro and Don Zminda

“The 2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia” edited by Gary Gillette and Pete Palmer

“The League of Outsider Baseball” by Gary Cierdakowski

“Baseball Babylon” by Dan Gutman

“The Thinking Man's Guide to Baseball” by Leonard Koppett

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