Saturday, June 20, 2015


            Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez on getting his 3,000th big league hit in grand fashion. Good job.

            Now, what do we do with this information and the steroid issue?


            Steroids, or any performing enhancing products have little or no effect on what he has accomplished, namely hitting a round object with a round object, doing so squarely, and being able to 'hit it where they ain't' enough times to amass 3,000 hits (and counting).

            So yes, steroids will help a player bulk up, and may help a player recover a lot quicker from injuries, that art of hitting, purely hitting, as of now cannot be medically altered. (that I know of)

            Quit you're griping if you are anti-Alex and relish in the historical fact that he is just the 39th player to accumulate as many hits...

            Well done.

Order for a belated Father's Day present...

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